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Indigenous colouring books, stickers, t-shirts, art and custom designs.

Métis Artist Lisa Berry of Floral Feathers


Métis Art

Colouring Books By Lisa Berry

Discover Indigenous culture in Lisa's intricate colouring books and unleash your inner artist with all the colours of the rainbow. Books are available to purchase on Etsy or email Lisa. To view colouring books click on a book.

Métis Art Lisa Berry

Métis Artist Lisa Berry

Lisa draws on her Métis heritage to bring her unique artistic vision to life. She enjoys inspiring others and celebrating her culture through her artwork.

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Etsy Shop

Lisa launched her Etsy shop in May 2022 and currently offers 24 unique products designed by her. Her illustrations and coloring books showcase her journey towards learning and taking pride in her origins. 

Every Child Matters

I'm honoured to have been asked by Métis Nation British Columbia to design this year's Every Child Matters shirt. If you're in need of a new shirt for September 30th we have you covered. 

Note from Lisa:

The infinity symbol is safeguarded by beautiful flowers, serving as a powerful symbol of Métis children who withstood the challenges of residential schools. The green leaves of the infinity symbol embody our culture's unwavering strength and perseverance.

Every Child Matters by Lisa Berry
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