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“My people will sleep for 100 years, but when they awake it will be the artists who give them their spirit back.”

                        -Louis Riel

Tân'si, my name is Lisa Berry and I take immense pride in my rich heritage and culture. I spent my childhood growing up on Treaty 8 Territory located in Alberta. Currently, I reside on Stò:lō Territory in Hope, British Columbia, where I am proudly associated with Métis Nation British Columbia. My Métis ancestry comes from my birth father's side, with family names such as Flett, Lizzotte, and Carifelle, among others. I hold my ancestry in the highest regard.


I have a personal connection to the Métis Homeland of Red River through my ancestry. My second great-grandmother, Julia (Mercredi) Lizotte, along with other family members, received "halfbreed Land Script" which was meant to extinguish Métis Indigenous title. The script was designed to work similarly to the treaties that were used to extinguish First Nations' title. However, the Métis were dealt with on an individual basis, rather than through the collective extinguishment of title pursued through the treaty process.


My mother's ancestry can be traced back to the Hordaland region of Norway, which is known for its stunning fjords and rugged landscapes. In 1925, my grandfather made the decision to leave Norway behind and settle in Canada. 


Throughout my life, I have faced challenges that have made it difficult for me to embrace and celebrate my Indigenous heritage. However, I am determined to overcome these obstacles and leave behind a lasting legacy of art for future generations. 


I believe that it is essential to preserve and share our rich cultural heritage with the world. This is why I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and art with those who feel disconnected from their culture. I hope by sharing my story and my art, I can inspire others to embrace and celebrate their indigenous roots.

Lisa Berry


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